Chaplain Bob Lifson

Chaplain Bob Lifson was a man who loved simple things. Bobby – as he was called by almost everyone – loved his family, his friends and his home. A major source of both joy and strength to Bobby was his Judaism, and this was evident in his commitment to serving and being an active member of the Jewish community.

Throughout his life Bobby maintained a positive attitude and a sense of compassion, fueled by the principles and precepts he learned from his many years of studying Torah. The breadth and depth of his knowledge was manifest in his ability to apply these teachings in analogies, parables and stories relevant to everyday life.

Bobby was a disciplined and avid student well into adulthood, earning his BA from UCLA and a Masters in Jewish Studies from The Academy for Jewish Religion California, where he also received his Chaplaincy certification. The Academy was a very special place for Bobby. It provided a unique environment where he was embraced completely and unconditionally, where his passion for Judaism was acknowledged and honored, and where his motivation to constantly learn and evolve spiritually was encouraged and celebrated. A crowning achievement for Bobby was the publication of THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS, his beautiful book of original mediations based on Psalms and other Jewish texts.

In loving memory of “Chaplain Bob,” his family has created the BOB LIFSON PASTORAL COUNSELING SCHOLARSHIP. May his memory be for a blessing, as he was a blessing in life to all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Byrdie Lifson Pompan and Bruce Pompan

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