A Conversation with… Editors of “Nondenominational Judaism”

AJRCA President Rabbi Mel recently sat down with AJRCA faculty members Cantor Jonathan L. Friedmann and Joel Gereboff, two of the three editors (along with AJRCA co-founder Rabbi Steve Robbins) of the new book, “Nondenominational Judaism: Perspectives on Pluralism and Inclusion in 21st-Century Jewish Professional Education.”

The book includes essays from faculty, administrators and alumni from AJRCA and other institutions, sharing their personal, academic and philosophical reflections being part of a pluralistic Jewish setting.

During this conversation, Friedmann and Gereboff share not only some of the topics covered and their goals for this work, but also delve into how AJRCA, as a nondenominational institution, handles both academic and spiritual participation when faculty and students all bring their own perspectives and expectations.

We hope you enjoy this insightful discussion!



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