4 Questions with…Our 2021 Graduates: Alyssa Rosenbaum

With our 2021 Ordination-Graduation ceremony approaching, we are highlighting members of the graduating class. Click here to see all of the posts in this series.

Today we’re talking with Cantorial Ordinee and Graduate Alyssa Rosenbaum.

1) With the ceremony approaching, what emotions are you feeling?

Am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Lots of preparing to do to wrap up my 5-year journey here. It’s bittersweet. On the one hand, I am a bit sad that this chapter is coming to an end and I won’t be able to see and say goodbye to everyone in person, but on the other hand, I am excited for what the future holds and know that AJRCA will always be home.

2) What is one learning from your Academy experience that you will take with you after graduation?

There are so many. Well, I am definitely going to take a lot of the melodies and nusach I learned with me; those are useful! I think for me, it’s more about the mentality of always being open to learning more and growing rather than any one particular learning. My professors and fellow classmates have definitely been an inspiration in that regard.

3) Is there anything you learned at AJRCA that truly surprised you?

I came into this not fully knowing what to expect, so that made it hard to be truly surprised. I guess I surprised myself with how quickly I picked up learning to play the guitar during my first semester.

4) If you could go back in time and tell your pre-AJRCA self one thing, what would that be?

Cherish the people who surround you. They will always be a part of you.

Congratulations Alyssa!

2 thoughts on “4 Questions with…Our 2021 Graduates: Alyssa Rosenbaum

  1. Wow Alyssa! You have grown and matured right before my eyes. You have a confidence, wisdom, talent and the neshama to continue your journey. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and the next chapter in your book of life. B’atzlecha and Mazel tov!

  2. Wow Alyssa! It has been a joy to watch you grow, mature, gain confidence and ability, over these past years. Sending you blessings as you enter the next chapter in your book of life. L’atzlecha and a big Mazel tov!

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