Join us in celebrating our 2022 Graduates!

It is with tremendous honor and gratitude that our Board of Directors, Faculty, and Administration congratulate our newest ordinees and graduates: four Rabbis, two Cantors and two Chaplaincy graduates.

We are extremely proud of our graduates and ordinees and all that they have accomplished during their years of study at the Academy.

Please see our Program below and scroll down to read more about this year's graduates and hear from them in their own words.

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Our Rabbis


Joseph Albert Angel-Field

"As Rabbi, I will work to encourage a connection to and empower an authentic expression of the culture and intellectual property that has been handed down from generation to generation, inspiring lifelong learners while building meaningful Jewish communities that include interfaith outreach."

Thesis: "Kahal Shalom - A Congregation of Wholeness and Peace"

Read more about Joey's AJRCA journey here.


Cantor Marcelo Gabriel Gindlin

"As a Reconstructionist Rabbi Cantor, I will continue to adapt rituals to the needs of the community, channeling God’s love through prayers, music, Torah, and acts of kindness, bringing spirituality and holiness into the world."

Thesis: "Sarah's Tent - In Their Own Words, Through Their Own Voices"

Read more about Marcelo's AJRCA journey here.


Cynthia Jane Minster

"As a rabbi, I will provide access to Jewish wisdom, sharing spirituality as a path toward inner transformation, healthy interpersonal relationships, and connection to the Divine. Co-creating inclusive, supportive communities, I will be a holy witness to life journeys."

Thesis: "Internal Growth, Human Relationships, and Reaching Towards God: The Concurrent Development of Ethics and Mysticism in Early Modern Jewish Texts"

Read more about Cynthia's AJRCA journey here.


Michal Morris Kamil

"Midrash Rabbah, says: Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow." As a rabbi, I’ll lovingly support through texts, teachings, prayer, and mussar all who are in need of spiritual, ritualistic, and educational direction."

Thesis: "Israeli Religious Radicalism in Contemporary Jewish Texts"

Read more about Michal's AJRCA journey here.

Our Cantors


Kelly Lynn Cooper

"As a cantor, I will form relationships with those I serve by creating a sacred space through personal interactions and coming together in song. I aspire to help my congregants feel safe and held in holy partnership."

Thesis: "From Challah to Chazante: Jewish Women's Journey From the Kitchen to the Bima"

Read more about Kelly here.



Amy Robinson Katz

"To be a hazzan is to see—literally to have vision—and to communicate, through prayer and music, the alive but unseen world of Torah. I am grateful for the privilege to be a servant of this cherished tradition."

Thesis: "B'Shir v'Kol Todah: The Life and Music of Philip Moddel"

Read more about Amy's AJRCA journey here.

Our Chaplains


Ari Einhorn

"As Chaplain, my role, my calling, is to create sacred space wherever it is that I am. By offering connection and acceptance that transcends origins and identities, I hope to bring spiritual care to all whom I encounter."

Thesis: "Tempting God to Grace: The Law of Attraction and Jewish Text"


Read more about Ari's AJRCA journey here.



Randy Alan Lester-Wilson

"As a chaplain, it is my intention to be present in spiritually meaningful ways, creating connection that will empower, enhance, and enrich the lives of those with whom I interact."

Thesis: "Next Steps: The Ongoing Journey to Judaism - From Beit Din to Beit Midrash & Beyond"

Read more about Randy's AJRCA journey here.

35 thoughts on “Join us in celebrating our 2022 Graduates!

    1. Hi Rabbi Alicia – Yes – please leave your blessings and good wishes right here – in this comment area. Thank you!

      1. Mazal Tov to all
        Of my former classmates and graduates. I wouldn’t miss this special moment for anything. So proud of all of you. I know how hard you have worked to get to this milestone in your lives.

        Yasher Koach,

        Rabbi Ami Monson

        1. Wholehearted gratitude to you, Rabbi Ami, for paving the way with “menschlichkeit” and “kavanah.”

  1. I am so excited for my friend Randy Lester-
    Wilson. I am looking forward to being their (virtually) for his graduation.

    1. Todah rabbah, Ilene and Alan! What a blessing to have you (virtually) present for graduation!

  2. So proud of you Cantor Kelly Cooper… honored to attend in person this awesome event for you and your colleagues 🙏💙✅

  3. Amy,
    We are so proud of all you have accomplished and have been delighted and honored to travel some of this journey with you.
    מזל טוב on your smicha!
    Wendy & Charlie

  4. To the magnificent MICHAL…from that tiny little office in the corner…you made big dreams come true!!!
    Your Sinai Temple team toasts to you on Wednesday afternoon with pizza and Gatorade in hand!
    Mazal tov
    To much success ahead!!!

    1. Thank you dearest Danielle! Sinai had a huge part in helping reach this benchmark. I am privileged and lucky that I had your leadership and encouragement, as well as the clergy’s and staff’s support, love and care! And that office….may it be an inspiring space for our future spiritual and educational leaders!

    2. Thank you dearest Danielle,
      I have so much to be thankful to you, your leadership, and the Sinai clergy and staff for your love, support, care, and investment! May that little office contribute to future cohorts as it did to my reaching this benchmark!

  5. Michal, you did it! A big mazal tov on achieving this milestone, and blessings to the whole cohort of this year’s musmahim and graduates. May you serve Jewish community and the world in love and joy for many years to come.

    1. Thank you Dear Rabbi Diane,
      I remember our initial conversations right at the beginning when I really had no idea and just trusted my gut and had your advice, input, and encouragement. Your care in connecting me to LA peeps so I could settle into my new LA home was so very much appreciated. And I hope I will follow your exemplary way for the next cohorts to come..

  6. Mazel Tov to all the graduates. It has been an honor being in classes with you. You are an inspiration and will be a blessing to those you serve. Your classmate and friend, Linda Bernstein

    1. Heartfelt gratitude Dr. Bernstein for your gracious words! May we all go from strength to strenth!

  7. Mazel Tov. It’s with joy that we will be able to see
    this joyous celebration.

  8. Joey! I am so excited to celebrate and join online for your ordination. I miss seeing you at Methodist. Every Tuesday is not the same without Chaplain Joey! I send my love and regards!

  9. Mucha Mazal tov to Michal! How wonderful, wondrous, and what a journey!!!
    Much love, continuing creative spiritual fulfillment, and all all best to you.
    Tucking paws and kvelling, ~Cherie KS

  10. To our beloved friend, (soon to be) Rabbi Cantor Marcelo Gindlin, what a tremendous accomplishment! Mazel tov on achieving this milestone… we are delighted that we will be able to “join” you and baby Rafi as you once more model the depth of learning, soul, and ruach that you bring to the world.

    Mazel tov to all of the AJR graduates! May this be the beginning of our healing as a planet, with you to lead and guide us on the path.

    Laura, Richard, Elana and Sarah Ziff

  11. Mazel Tov to Rabbi Joey from your loving Uncle David, Aunt Mel, Colin and Evan! Can you tell me where I can get the link to watch the ceremony? We love you!

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