4 Questions with…Our 2023 Graduates: Heather Seid

With our 2023 Ordination-Graduation ceremony approaching, we are highlighting members of the graduating class. Click here to see all of the posts in this series.

Today we’re talking with Cantorial Graduate Heather Seid.

1) With the ceremony approaching, what emotions are you feeling?

As I approach ordination I feel positively overwhelmed by the gratitude I hold for this sacred community, honored to have learned from many wonderful teachers, and humbled when I think of those who have come before me to this moment and who I continue to learn beside today.

2) What are some learnings from your Academy experience that you will take with you after graduation?

וְאָֽהַבְתָּ֥ לְרֵעֲךָ֖ כָּמ֑וֹךָ

Love your fellow human being as yourself. (Leviticus 19:18)

I learned that the above verse means nothing unless you first love yourself wholly and completely.

3) Is there anything you learned at AJRCA that truly surprised you?

I’ve heard nothing more beautiful than the sound of the different Jewish Movements coming in and out of consonance through cantillation during the שְׁמַע (Sh’ma) at our yearly retreat.

4) If you could go back in time and tell your pre-AJRCA self one thing, what would that be?

Be patient with yourself and trust the people around you because you’re about to be a part of the type of future -thinking Jewish community for which you’ve been hoping.

Congratulations Heather!

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