Meet the New Class: Anna Dyson

With the start of the 2023-24 school year upon us, we are highlighting members of the incoming class of students. Click here to see all of the articles in this series.

Today we’re talking with incoming Rabbinical student Anna Dyson.

Q1) Where do you live?

Leeds, UK

Q2) How did you first hear of AJRCA?

I had been looking around, and asking friends to help me find a school that was aligned with my values and understanding of what future Jewish leadership training looks like, and that was accessible to me being a full time mum in a northern UK city… and it was through those conversations, and with the help of Rabbi Google, that I found the AJRCA website. As soon as I saw it, with its colourful design, welcoming words and inspirational mission, I flew an email straight away to Robin and from that point, my journey to the rabbinate truly took off.

Q3) What was it about AJRCA that drew you to enroll here?

The website – really forward thinking, post denominational, showing real vision about the possible futures of Judaism and training us to be leaders for it.

Q4) What were you doing prior to enrolling?

I set up and ran a social enterprise community cafe in a super diverse, high refugee and asylum seeker population, vibrant part of Leeds, creating a space for connection and warmth via good coffee, good food and good conversation.

Q5) As you embark on this experience, what are you most excited about?

The conversations with everyone else; plugging into this new network of creative, wise and visionary Jewish leaders; learning and taking inspiration from them, and hopefully contributing meaningfully, too.

Welcome Anna!

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