Our alumni serve communities across the country in a myriad of ways. But they are all connected through their experiences at our school

With the advantage of AJRCA’s unique transdenominational and spiritual education, our Rabbis, Cantors, Chaplains, and other community leaders have been hired by a wide variety of synagogues, schools, and Jewish agencies as well as communal organizations and institutions nationwide. For those who choose to lead congregations, their choices of pulpits have included large and small synagogues in many denominations, and range from some of the oldest and most established to newer, more entrepreneurial communities.

The AJRCA Clergy and Alumni Association (CAA), a professional organization of our graduates, sustains an enriching lifelong connection between alumni and the Academy. The CAA’s purpose is to further the excellence of the Academy by fostering an enduring and mutually beneficial relationship. As a professional association, it includes a code of ethics by which its members must abide, in accordance with requirements of most professional clergy associations. As an alumni support group, it offers a supportive community as each graduate faces the challenges of making Judaism more meaningful and relevant in today’s society. Alumni help one another to find resources to support their spiritual development and growth in leadership skills, while also creating a collegial forum for scholarly interchange.

Click the faces below to learn about select alumni from our Rabbinical, Cantorial and Chaplaincy programs and scroll down further for a full list of our alumni and a snapshot of the institutions where they serve. For more information about our alumni, and the CAA, visit the organization’s website.

Our Alumni

First NameLast NameProgramYearThesis Title
Marsha RonnieAbramsChaplaincy2013“Has Science Found the Soul that Judaism Never Lost?”
AbrahamAlpertRabbinic2017“The Responsibility of the Community Toward the Individual and the Responsibility of the Individual Toward the Community?”
AmyAltshuldChaplaincy2010“Jewish Spirituality from the Inside Out”
MaritaAndersonChaplaincy2016“Prophets as Spiritual Caregivers: Sustaining Hope and Courage in Time of the Great Unraveling”
MarshaAttieCantorial2014“Hebrew Chant: Nothing New Under the Sun”
MichaelBarclayRabbinic2007“Hineni: Achieving Peak Performance Through the Art of Being Present”
TsviBar-DavidRabbinic2007“Ma'aseh Merkavah Siddur Mysticism”
DavidBaronRabbinic2012“The Prophet’s Apprentice: A Midrashic Novel”
WendyBat-SarahCantorial2014“S. An-sky and Ethnography in the Pale: Music and Creation of Jewish Personal and National Identity”
BirdieBeckerRabbinic2010“Drawing from the Well of Torah”
RuthBelonskyChaplaincy2006“Healing Through Music and Psalms”
Julia WattsBelserRabbinic2006“Praising Her: A Jewish Theology of Goddess”
AlexanderBerkovichCantorial2014“Jewish Sacred Themes in the Legacy of Great Russian Composers: Mussorgsky, Rubinstein, Shostakovich”
SBernsteinCantorial2013“Allan Michaelson: The Hazzan’s Hazzan; His Life and His Work”
ElishevaBeyerRabbinic2006“Bringing G-D to Your Table: A Guide to Holy Eating”
JanetBieberRabbinic2005“Bat Kol: Listening for the Voice of God Throughout Time”
BennettBlumRabbinic2007“Stolen Legacies: Elder Financial Abuse and Geneivat Da’at—Adapting a Jewish Concept to Secular Legal Practice”
Lily CaplanBlumCantorial2016“Music as Therapy”
Lily CaplanBlumRabbinic2018“Death and Bereavement in Tanach: An Examination of Models for Grief and Biblical Characters Walking the Mourner’s Path”
NeilBlumofeRabbinic2009“All the Powers of the Merchants”
LisaBockRabbinic2012“A Son Is Born to Naomi: What Happened to Ruth? An Exploration of Ruth as a Boundary Crosser”
Robert ErwinBonemRabbinic2008“Steps Towards Dance as a Jewish Spiritual Practice”
EfratBrayerChaplaincy2014‘The Story of Hezekiah – A Transformation of Healing.”
LynnBrody SlomeRabbinic2005
RandallBrownRabbinic2011“Judaism and Gambling: A Personal Narrative of Teshuva to Help Create Awareness”
PaulBuchCantorial2005“An Analysis of the Career and Compositions of Cantor Aaron Tishkovsky”
FranBurgessCantorial2012“The Birth of Jewish Art Song: Russian Policies, Nationalism and the Quest to Define Jewish Music in the Late Imperial Era”
MeredithCahnRabbinic2010“M’Shaneh Habriot: The One Who Forms Diversity in Creation”
Marlene DeeCantorialerChaplaincy2015“Applying Chaplaincy Skills to Teacher Burnout”
Sharon EveColbertCantorial2009“Golden Links In an Unbroken Chain: The Role of Music Memory in Adult Jewish Education”
CorinneCopnickRabbinic2014“The Staying Power of Hope in the Aggadic Narratives of the Talmud”
KyleCotlerCantorial2015“An Analysis of Reform Friday Night Services from 1933 to the present with a Progressive Compositional Supplement”
KyleCotlerRabbinic2016“Spandex Hides More Than Just a Covenant: How Superheroes of Modernity Reflect Jewish Identity and Values”
Muriel JDanceChaplaincy2011“The Broken Connection: The Impact of Intermarriage and Conversation on Jewish Mourning Practices”
Florence LoisDannRabbinic2017“The Role Of Continuing Learning For Jewish Elders: Its Effect on Quality of Life and New Developments and Approaches”
Marcy GelbDelbickRabbinic2009“Learning to be Jewish in Uganda”
Dianne AlynnElliotRabbinic2006“L’Shem Yikud: Jewish Wedding as a Gateway to Spiritual Practice”
AnthonyElmanRabbinic2007“Discovering The Living Covenant”
Avivah WinocurErlickRabbinic2009“Breathing Life into Jewish Bones”
D’vorahEpsteinChaplaincy2006“The Alleviation of Pain and Suffering through the use of Meditation Based in Mystical Judaism”
SethEttingerCantorial2014“There’s a Niggun for that!”
AndrewFeigRabbinic2007“Creating Meaning through the Limitation and Protection of Our Priorities
MarcusFeldmanCantorial2011“T’filah Zacah Volume Two: The Shabbat Morning Nusach of Cantor Naftali Hersik”
SteveFinleyRabbinic2009“Synagogue Management Filling the Holes with Holiness”
Tannoz BahremandForuzanfarCantorial2009“Meir Finkelstein: Cantor, Composer, Mentor”
LoneeFrailichCantorial2011“Creating a musical Legacy for the Future: The Commissions of Cantor Jay Frailich & University Synagogue”
Shira KaplanFreidlinRabbinic2017“The Responsibility of Rabbi as Storyteller: A Juxtaposition of Select Classic Hasidic Stories with Contemporary Myth Research”
DanielFriedmanCantorial2017“The Teaching of Torah Trope: An Historical Overview Toward a New Pedagogy”
Jonathan LFriedmannCantorial2010“Social Functions of Synagogue Song: A Durkheimian Approach”
ShukiGabbaiChaplaincy2014“Placebo, Ethics, Halacha”
ElihuGevirtzRabbinic2012“Reflections, Prayers and Meditations on Rebbe Nachman’s Teachings on Sukkot”
SaraGilbertRabbinic2006“Searching for Meaning: A Discussion Series on Topics of Ultimate Interest Based on the teachings of Abraham Joshua Heschel”
MarianaGindlinRabbinic2015“The Jews in Argentina Under the Military Dictatorship of 1976 – 1983”
JoshuaGinsberg MargoRabbinic2017“The Tao of Judaism: A Path to a Deeper and Stronger Connection with Hashem and Torah”
Susan BGoldbergRabbinic2012“Lost Objects and Found Subjects: Talmud Study as an Interpersonal Neurointegrative Spiritual Practice”
IlanaGoldhaber-GordonRabbinic2013“On Being a Rational Thinker and a Religious Jew”
RachelGoldmanCantorial2014“The Language of Cantillation”
MarkGoodmanRabbinic/Cantorial2007Abortion And Euthanasia: A Survey of Jewish Thought
Claire EGorfinkelChaplaincy2011“Activist, Mystic, Quaker and Jew: Comparing the Life and Work of Rufus M. Jones and Abraham Joshua Heschel”
DovGottesfeldRabbinic2013“Jewish Voices Yearning for Zion: How the Biblical Hebrew Language Laid the Groundwork for a Unified Expression of Yearning for Zion”
JudyGreenfeldCantorial2004“Creating A Synagogue Prayer Book”
Cantor JudithGreenfeldRabbinic2016“Pathways into Prayer”
John Faulkner GuestCantorial2018“Commissioning Émigré Composers in Los Angeles, 1938-1945: Rabbi Sonderling’s Contributions to Jewish Musical History”
RitaHertzbergRabbinic2010“Even in Old Age They Shall Bear Fruit: A Paradigm of Hope and Blessing for Jewish Eldering in America”
Miriam EHamrellRabbinic2003“Infertility and Surrogate Motherhood: Halakhic & Ethical Challenges”
CeciliaHerzfeldRabbinic2011“Jewish Regeneration after the Shoah The Midrashic-Arts Process and My Search for a Post-Shoah Theology”
Robin Sudakow Hoffman (Foonberg)Rabbinic2013“The People of the Book: Themes in Contemporary Jewish Fiction”
Jessica NHutchingsCantorial2014“Who Needs Synagogue Music, Anyway?”
SuzanneIsslerMJS2018“Spirituality and the Sustainability of the Reform Movement”
Debbie DubinIsraelRabbinic2009“Moses on Trial”
Carl DJacobsMJS2016“Kol Nidre: The Power of Music, The Problems of Text”
WilliamKaplanRabbinic2016“Edible Judaism: Using Nature Imagery in the Torah For Homiletical and Pedagogical Practice” Truth Springs From The Earth (Psalms 85:12): Nature as Teacher
MinKantrowitzRabbinic2004“Theological and Halachic Issues in Jewish Hospice”
DeanKerteszRabbinic2008“Can We Please Talk About God?”
Julian AlexanderKingRabbinic2018“The Evolving Temple Without Walls: From Ancient Judaism to the Changing Modern Era”
Stephanie RachelKupferCantorial2018“Women Singers in the Hebrew Bible”
AllisonLawtonRabbinic2017“The Sacredness of Space: How Exile is Driving Jewish Communities”
LornaLembeckCantorial2009(not sure if she did a thesis)
Shana Chandler LeonRabbinic2015“Ecclesiastes, Genesis & The Rite of Eternal Return”
Bonnie Blafkin LeopoldChaplaincy2007“History to Healing Incest in the Jewish Family”
Arthur JoelLevineRabbinic2009“Rabbinic Judaism’s Decalogue Dilemma”
BethLiebermanRabbinic2015“Wise Aging: How a Pioneering Program of Contemplative Spiritual Practice is Reframing the American Jewish Conversation”
RonLi-PazRabbinic2013“Synagogue Transformation: Achieving Excellence through Spiritual Direction and Change Management”
RobertLifsonChaplaincy2010“Thoughts And Prayers (A Memorial Booklet)”
JeffreyLipschultzRabbinic2007“Death and Eternity”
StephenMachtChaplaincy2013Aristotle’s Tragic Reversal Illuminates Maimonides Teshuva”
JanetMaddenRabbinic2011“Song of the Animals: Critical Approaches to Perek Shirah”
Alicia FleissigMagalRabbinic2003“Celebrating the Journey: Jewish Women’s Midlife Rituals”
PaulaMarcusRabbinic2004“Zeh Ha Shulchan: The Table Songs of Rabbi Isaac Luria”
OsnatMargalithCantorial2007“Bringing Holiness to Secular Holidays and Special Moments”
OsnatMargalithRabbinic2008“Thanksgiving: Concept and Ceremony”
BryceMegdalMJS2015“Traditional” Melodies in the Synagogue: An Examination of their Development and Success”
Janice RoseMehringRabbinic2010“The Sh’ma and Her Blessings: Connecting the Soul to the One”
BelleMichaelRabbinic2013“Holocaust Response as Bearing Witness To Jewish Spirit”
YochevedMintzRabbinic2004“The Concept of Martyrdom in Medieval Judaism, Christianity and Islam with implications for Today”
RebekahMirskyCantorial2010“Freedom Songs: Original Jewish Music as a Pathway to Recovery from Addiction”
MalkaMittelmanRabbinic2006“Revelation in Exile”
SusanNanusRabbinic2014“Song of Songs: A Jewish Woman’s Guide to Sex, Love, and Happiness”
Avraham AviNavahRabbinic2006“Babylonian Jewry in the Nineteenth Century As Reflected in the Writings if Rabbi Shelomo Bekhor Hutsin (1843-1892)”
Jennifer EavesNyeChaplaincy2013“K’ra’ui- As Is Fitting: The Hesped for One Who Has left Victims”
Lisa RuthPeicottCantorial2018“Kol Nashim: An Exploration of Women’s Impact on the Cantorate”
NinaPerlmutterRabbinic2009“To Work It & To Guard It: Growing Jewish Environmental Ethic”
RobinPodolskyRabbinic2013“Anarchic Responsibility and the Law: Emmanuel Levinas, Politics and Justice in the Specific Case”
LoriReisman PattersonCantorial2015“So I Have to Say I Love You in a Song: Salvaging Sexuality in the Song of Songs”
SarahRensinRabbinic2015“Illuminations of the Amidah: The First Three Brecht”
EvaRobbinsCantorial2004“Why Healing? Why now? A Look at the Tradition of Healing in Judaism and its Importance for Our Times”
EvaRobbinsRabbinic2015“MISHKAN: An Instrument of Healing For Mind, Body and Spirit, and Connection for the Divine”
EdwardRobinCantorial2010“Kiddush Levanah: The Sanctification of the Moon”
IraRosenfeldRabbinic2008“The Weekday Amidah: What I stand for”
Sandra LeeRosensteinRabbinic2016“Processing Grief in the 21 st Century: Psychological Benefits of Traditional Jewish Mourning Practices “
MarkRotenbergRabbinic2007“Recovery Reflections on Tehilim”
Michael BenjaminSaloniusChaplaincy2017“Finding The Wild Man Within Judaism: An Exploration Into Mythopoeic Strategies For Non-Traditional Engagement Within Jewish Life and Practice”
Deborah ShiraSchmidtChaplaincy2014“The Abrahamic Family: Exploring the use of Biblical Archetypes and Midrash in Pastoral Care”
LoriSchneide ShapiroRabbinic2010“The King of Israel: A Cinematic Dramatization and Debate of Jewish Identity in Herodian Judea”
Mitzi Ellen Jacobson SchwarzChaplaincy2017“All is not for Naught: The Utilization of Suffering as a Means of Unlocking and Discovering One’s Psycho-Spiritual Potential”
LawrenceSeidmanRabbinic2009“You Can Be Rational and Religious”
LindaSeidmanRabbinic2010“Setting the Context for Teshuva in the Jails by Providing Comfort and Jewish Learning”
BruceShapiroCantorial2017The History and Meaning of Kabbalat Shabbat: An Analysis and Workbook”
BonnieSharfmanRabbinic2005“Chinuch Halevavot: Educating the Jewish Heart and Soul”
ArinnaShelbyRabbinic2008“Jewish Bioethical Decision Making at the End of Life: A Transdenominational Approach”
JaySherwoodRabbinic2009“With These Words I Pray: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Hebrew and Vernacular in the Jewish Prayer Experience”
Paul FranklinShleffarRabbinic2006“Stirrings of the Soul”
HarrisShoreCantorial2008“Killing Klaus”
Adam BrianSiegelChaplaincy2014“Jewish Service-Learning and Addiction and Recovery”
MeekaSimerlyCantorial2009“…And the Women Said: Can this be Naomi?”
Cantor MeekaSimerlyRabbinic2016“Childless Jewish Couples: Yes! To Life Le-Chayim!
Barbara JoySingerChaplaincy2009“End of Life: A Chaplain’s View”
BruceSkolnickRabbinic2016“Orphans, Widows, and Strangers”
Mindie JoSnyderRabbinic2015 “Subversive Hospitality: The Jewish Commitment to Care in a Hostile World”
JudithSommersteinChaplaincy2006“A Healing Service for Holocaust Survivors and Second Generation”
JonathanStavMJS2006“The Trans denominational Phenomenon: Contribution or curse to the Jewish Community
Michelle BiderStoneCantorial2018“What’s the Deal with Congregational Singing? The Inevitability of the Demand for Congregational Singing in the American Synagogue”
FaithTesslerRabbinic2008“To Everything There Is A Season”
BatshirTorchioRabbinic2013“A Vision of Reconciliation and Integration: Essays of Rav Kook on the Land of Israel”
Yisraela Sherwood TubmanRabbinic2012“Vision and Kavanah: Visual Stimuli and Spiritual Intention in the Jewish Tradition”
MontyTurnerRabbinic2005“From Humility to Hallelujah and back again”
ElizaWaltzmanCantorial2009“Is My Cantor A Diva? Connections Between Cantorialorial Music And Opera”
Wynne RyserWaugamanRabbinic2016“The Alaska Resettlement Plan: The Miracle that didn’t happen for European Jewish Refugees (1935-1941)”
CherylWeinerRabbinic2007“ Menschlekeit Matters: A Framework For A Character Development Program”
Robert M.WeiserChaplaincy2011“Soul and Spirit in the Workplace: The Case for Interfaith Workplace Chaplaincy Projected through a Jewish Lens”
CheriWeissCantorial2018“Everything Old Is New Again: The 21 st Century Cantor”
LizzieWeissCantorial2015“The Music of Heaven: Mysticism and its influence on Jewish Musical Practice”
Candace LeighWuhrmanChaplaincy2015“A Journey of Sprigtail Awakening through Jewish Prayer, Ritual and Traditions”
LiatYardeni-FunkRabbinic2006“Israel: Then, Now, & Forever”
Laura Shapiro YoungChaplaincy2010“The Power of Prayer and Healing”
Melvin AlexanderYoungRabbinic2017“Reflections and Ongoing Challenges as a Son and grandson of Survivors of the Holocaust in shaping and sustaining the memories of the Holocaust in personal and social contexts”
Meagan LeighYudellChaplaincy2018“The Life of an Arnold Chiari Malformation Jew Through the Lenses of Health, Chronic Pain, and Spirituality”
Rebeccah Ilana BirkenYussmanCantorial2017“And They Poured Milk Like Two Springs of Water: Jewish Views on Breasts and Breastfeeding”
BarbaraZackyRabbinic2009“Healing in the Jewish Tradition”
SarahZerbib-BerdaCantorial2015“Redemption Song – The Journey to the Promised Land: An Examination of the Parallel Histories of Oppression, Hope and Freedom as Expressed in the Music of Jews and African Americans”

Where They Serve

Given their unique transdenominational training, Rabbis, Cantors, and Chaplains who graduate from the Academy work in a variety of denominational and transdenominational synagogues, organizations, and institutions nationwide. The following is a representative list:

Conservative Trans/Postdenominational/Unaffiliated/Other Alta Bates Summit Med. Ctr., Berkeley, CA
Beth Shalom of Whittier, Whittier, CA Ahavat Torah Congregation, Los Angeles, CA Beit T'shuvah, Los Angeles, CA
B'nai Israel Congregation, Wilmington, NC Beth Israel Congregation, Greeley, CO California Dept. of Corrections, San Quentin, CA
Congregation Agudas Achim, Austin, TX Congregation Beth Jacob, Redwood City, CA Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
Congregation Beth El-Ner Tamid, Broomall, PA Congregation B'nai Horin, Los Angeles, CA Children's Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
Congregation Ner Tamid of South Bay, Congregation Kehillah of Arizona, Scottsdale, AZ Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Miami, FL
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Congregation Shir Chadash, Lakewood, CA Jewish Federation & Family Services of O.C.,
Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel, Los Angeles, CA Congregation Shir Shalom, Sonoma, CA Irvine, CA
Sinai Temple, Los Angeles, CA Congregation N'vay Shalom, Los Angeles, CA Jewish Healing Center of L.A., Los Angeles, CA
Temple Beth Israel, Highland Park, CA Jewish Community & Learning Center, Sunland, CA Kaiser Permanente, Santa Rosa, CA
Temple Beth Sholom, Temecula, CA Jewish Community of Sedona & Verde Valley, L.A. Community Chaplaincy Services, L.A., CA
Temple Ner Tamid, San Francisco, CA Sedona, AZ Ohr HaTorah, Los Angeles, CA
Temple Ramat Zion, Northridge, CA Lev Chadash, Chino Valley, AZ Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center, Pasadena, CA
Valley Beth Israel, Sun Valley, CA Nachshon Minyan, Encino, CA P.E.C. Hospice, Garden Grove, CA
Valley Beth Shalom, Encino, CA North Valley Jewish Comm. Assoc., Phoenix, AZ Providence St. John's Med. Ctr., Santa Monica, CA
  Open Temple, Venice, CA Providence St. Joseph Med. Ctr., Bubank, CA
Conservative/Reform Temple Beth Or, Reno, NV Providence Tarzana Med. Ctr., Tarzana, CA
Congregation Beth Shalom, Sioux City, IA Temple Ner Simcha, Agoura Hills, CA Serenity Manor East, Beach Lake, PA
Congregation Kol Ami, Salt Lake City, UT Temple Shalom of South Bay, Hermosa Beach, CA Skirball Hospice, Encino, CA
  Tri-City Jewish Center, Rock Island, IL Valley Outreach Synagogue, Calabasas, CA
Humanistic Valley Outreach Synagogue, Calabasas, CA Vintage Westwood Horizons, Los Angeles, CA
Adat Chaverim, Encino, CA Zimrat Yah, Santa Barbara, CA  
Reconstructionist / Renewal JEWISH EDUCATION Academy for Jewish Religion, Los Angeles, CA
Congregation P'nai Tikvah, Las Vegas, NV Adat Chaverim, Encino, CA Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
Makom Ohr Shalom, Encino, CA Beit Kulam, Sherwood Forest, CA Los Angeles Valley College, Valley Glen, CA
Wholly Present, A Center for Embodied Spirituality,
El Sobrante, CA
Beverly Hills Temple of the Arts, Beverly Hills, CA  
El Sobrante, CA B'nai Havurah, Denver, CO OTHER
  Congregation B'nai Israel, Tustin, CA Camp JCA Shalom, Malibu, CA
Reform Congregation Tikvat Jacob, Manhattan Beach, CA Habitat for Humanity, Los Angeles, CA
Beit Knesset BaMidbar, Las Vegas, NV Growing In Wisdom Initiative, West Hills, CA Shalom Institute, Malibu, CA
Congregation Emanu-El, Houston, TX Jewish Community Center, San Francisco, CA  
Congregation Emanu El, Redlands, CA Jewish Community High School of the Bay,  
Congregation Emanu-El, San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA  
Congregation Emeth, Morgan Hill, CA Jewish Day School of Metro. Seattle, Bellevue, WA  
Congregation Lev Shalom, Flagstaff, AZ Kehillat Israel, Pacific Palisades, CA  
Congregation Ner Tamid, Henderson, NV Melton School of Adult Learning, Los Angeles, CA  
Congregation Ohr Tzafon, Atascadero, CA Miami CAJE, Miami, FL  
Jewish Communities of the Desert, Ohr Echad/HomeShul, Agoura Hills, CA  
Desert Hot Springs, CA Sinai Akiba Academy, Los Angeles, CA  
North Shore Synagogue, Syosset, NY Tehiyah Day School, El Cerrito, CA  
Stephen Wise Temple, Los Angeles, CA Valley Beth Israel, Sun Valley, CA  
Temple Akiba, Culver City, CA Yeshivat Yavneh, Los Angeles, CA  
Temple Beth El, Aptos, CA    
Temple Beth Hillel, Richmond, CA California Lutheran Univ., Thousand Oaks, CA  
Temple Beth Israel, Pomona, CA Chevra Kadisha of Northern Arizona  
Temple Beth Tikvah, Wayne, NJ Masorti Olami, Washington D.C.  
Temple Emanuel, Beverly Hills, CA Sandra Caplan Beit Din, Culver City, CA  
Temple Emanuel, Pueblo, CO Shutafim, New Mexico Jewish Connections,  
Temple Havurat Emet, Chandler, AZ Albaquerque, NM  
Temple Isaiah, Los Angeles, CA    
Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Los Angeles, CA