Art Exhibit at AJRCA

Art Exhibit at AJRCA

The exhibition “Tel Aviv: The White City + Beyond “ comprises several individual photo essays by artists Susan Horowitz and Carol Bishop featuring architecture of Tel Aviv and its’ design influences beyond the city.  Through different points of view the artists examine the legacy of the 1930s architecture of Tel Aviv’s White City, which was designated a World Heritage Site in 2003. The architecture speaks of the complex issues of Jewish history, culture, form, restoration and possibility.

In “Colors of the White City” Bishop focuses on the changes of the Modernist architectural legacy through the color and light of the city.  In “Jaffa/Yafo and Bricks and Earth” she brings to view the origins of Tel Aviv architecture.

In “Perspective-The White City” Susan Horowitz looks at what has been preserved in the White City and what has been lost over time.  In her photo essay “Some Shulman Architecture” Horowitz documents the work of 1930s Tel Aviv architect Ben-Ami Shulman who emigrated to L.A. and translated the White City’s architectural ideas to buildings in his adopted home.

Curated by Sara L. Cannon

An exhibition for the Academy for Jewish Religion California

3250 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 550

Los Angeles, CA 90010

Street parking and [parking lot available on South New Hampshire Avenue. If parking in lot, follow signs to 3250 Wilshire Boulevard entrance.

Parking lot fee is $12.50

 If you do not park in the lot, please enter at 3250 Wilshire Boulevard, take elevator to 5th floor and follow signs to AJRCA.

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