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If you love Jewish music and you have high-quality vocal skills, you may consider applying to the Cantorial School.  You would become part of a remarkable group of potential hazzanim, a living resource of the varied aspects of the Jewish musical tradition. As a student, you will master the melodies and chants for Jewish prayer as well as the contemporary modes and sounds that resonate with today’s Jewish communities. You will develop the ability to impart a vital spiritual/musical connection to worship, and to inspire those you will serve. And, because cantors are clergy, you are also expected to develop proficiency in all aspects of clergy life – education, counseling, and chaplaincy skills.

Our graduates have achieved these objectives, in large part, because our Cantorial School combines the traditional and the innovative with the discipline of study and practice.  In addition, recognizing each student’s unique attributes, we consciously nurture and develop their personal skills and natural gifts in order that they may reach their greatest potential.

With deep immersion in our Jewish musical tradition, experience in the contemporary world’s music scene, and the ability to honor the wisdom of all the denominations, our cantors can lead our communities to the gates of spiritual fulfillment.

Upon completion of our program, graduates of the Cantorial School are ordained as “Hazzan and Teacher in Israel,” and receive a Masters Degree in Jewish Sacred Music.  Successful completion generally requires five years of full-time study, with part-time study and some online options available. Supervised fieldwork, a unit of clinical pastoral education, and a Masters thesis are required for ordination in addition to the required curriculum of cantorial and Judaica studies.