2020 Open House

2020 Open House


Learn more about our academically rigorous, spiritually based Rabbinical, Cantorial and Chaplaincy Schools, and our Master of Jewish Studies program.

Choose the online session that works best for you:

Session #1
12:30 – 1:30 PM PT
Observe a class:
Contemporary Jewish History at 1:45 PM (optional)

Understanding the monumental changes and upheavals that European Jewry experienced during the modern period, mid-1700’s to the present, including the dynamic of the early Zionist movement and the complex history of conflict in the region.

Session #2
2:30 – 3:30 PM PT
Observe a class:
Praise Giving Practice at 4:00 PM (optional)

An experimental-experiential course aimed at developing genuine expression of praise — a declaration of superior value, of approval, of affirmation and appreciation — to the Holy One Blessed Be He, truthful and meaningful to our generations.

On campus or online ✡ Flexible ✡ Student-friendly ✡ Accredited

Discover for yourself why AJRCA leads the way in educating modern Jewish leaders and change makers.

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Fill out the form below, call 213-884-4133 or email admissions@ajrca.edu

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