Do We Really Die?

Do We Really Die?

Do We Really Die?

AJRCA Co-founder Rabbi Stephen Rabbins, PsyD, DDw, led this 6-session Community Course. The course met on Thursdays from 5-6pm PT in the fall of 2021.

Many Jews have had near-death experiences (NDEs) and/or chronic critical illness, spiritual transformations, or out of body experiences. This course offers the Jewish perspective on all of these life-altering experiences.

Rabbi Robbins, who has had eight NDEs as well as chronic medical conditions and multiple surgeries, will share both from his personal experience, and his education, the unique Judaic wisdom in both coping and understanding these events.

Each of this course’s six sessions will be devoted to a different aspect of this theme:

  1. Becoming a Unique Soul and Entrance into the Physical World
  2. Phenomenology of Near Death Experiences (NDEs)
  3. Meaning and Purpose of NDEs in Connection to Illness and Other Transformative Moments
  4. Spiritual Guides, Angelic Presences, and Ancestral Influences
  5. Jewish Mysticism and the Meaning of Death
  6. Summary and Conclusion

About the Instructor

Rabbi Stephen Robbins, PsyD, DDw, is the co-founder and co-Rabbi (along with his wife, Rabbi/Cantor Eva Robbins of N’vay Shalom) and the co-founder of the Academy for Jewish Religion California, the first Transdenominational seminary on the West Coast. Rabbi Robbins has for over the past 20 years taught Jewish mystical practices for meditation and healing. He is also a Clinical Psychologist with a specialty in the psychoneuroimmunology of trauma and brain development, integrating science and mysticism into a unified system of human development and particularly applied to those with near death experiences (NDEs) and other traumatic events. Rabbi Robbins has had eight NDEs as well as 13 surgeries. He is a master of Kabbalah and has been focusing on the positive messages he has received from his spiritual guides. He works to provide, through his insights, experience, and support, guidance to help others  find the deeper meanings through the Jewish concepts of eternal living, both in this world and the next. Rabbi Robbins is in private practice using this wisdom to support others on their journeys.


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