Literal or Metaphor: Explorations in Meaning-Making

Join us on Wednesday, March 18 and Thursday, March 19 ONLINE for 5 Spiritual and Education Seminars. These seminars are free and open to the public, to register and take part, you must register here.

Our speakers and schedule for the two days are as follows:


9:30 am — Metaphor or Literal: Narrative as Art
Rev. Victor Gabriel, PhD
Program Director, Master of Buddhist Chaplaincy, University of the West

11:00 am — Finding Meaning in Our Struggles with Illness
Rabbi Jason Mann, MD
Hospital Chaplain, Spiritual Director

1:00 pm — The Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health Crisis in American Higher Education
Dr. Varun Soni, JD, PhD
Dean of Religious Life, University of Southern California


9:30 am — Writing from the Heart: Creating an Ethical Will
Chaplain Muriel Dance, PhD
Executive Director, Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din

11:00 am — What is the Meanting of Meaning-Making for Patients, Clinicians, Grievers, and Chaplains
Nita Millstein, MBA, MA Bioethics
Bioethics Consultant