Strangers We Haven’t Met Yet

A Community Class on Interfaith Engagement

As the religious and cultural landscape in America is becoming more diverse and complex on a daily basis, it is not surprising that many of us know little about our neighbors, their ways of life, beliefs and traditions. We often avoid contact with those we consider “strangers in our midst,” but. Judaism teaches us to welcome the stranger, to care for the stranger, and to remember that we, ourselves, were once strangers.

This class will meet on five consecutive Tuesdays from 1/30 through 2/27 from 7:00pm-8:30pm. Click the blue button below to register via Eventbrite. Registration is $180.

Come explore the most challenging and exciting interfaith dialogue of our day, the conversation that is taking place right now and expanding rapidly throughout America and in many other countries around the globe. This class, taught by Ruth Broyde Sharone, a veteran interfaith activist, filmmaker and journalist, will discuss the history of interfaith dialogue in America — going back to 1893 — give learners a rare opportunity to meet leaders and representatives from the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh communities, and beyond. It will help you to become familiar and comfortable with fellow Americans of multiple backgrounds.

Specifically, this class will cover the following topics and feature the following guests:
– Screening of the prize-winning film: God and Allah Need To Talk followed by conversation with Mohamed Khan, a leading Muslim interfaith activist/organizer from the King Fahad Mosque
– Unique opportunity to meet and hear stories of Jewish and Muslim women who have been dialoguing together with one another for 16 years
– Interfaith Minister Doris W. Davis will share a genealogical map of the Giant Tree and Branches of the Religions of the World. Be prepared to be amazed!
– Conversation with prominent religious and interfaith leaders from five distinct communities: Christian (Jack Miles), Muslim (Prof. Amir Husein), Sikh (Nirjanjan Khalsa), Hindu (Rini Ghosh), and Jewish (Rabbi Mel Gottlieb)
– Conversation with Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord of The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out, who is working together with animal rights organizations; and with Exec. Director Eugene Shirley of Pando Populus, an organization launched three years ago to promote mainstream ecological consciousness by forming collaborative partnerships with diverse interfaith organizations around the city).
– Conversation with young Interfaith Activists of multiple backgrounds: Hindu, Sikh, Baha’i, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Global New Thought, Atheists, Atherius Society.

A passionate interfaith leader, documentary filmmaker, journalist, and author, honored internationally for her contributions to cultural education, peace and justice, Ruth Broyde Sharone served as co-chair of the Southern California Parliament of the World’s Religions (SCCPWR) for 10 years. She is an inspirational public speaker and travels frequently to college campuses to present interfaith programs and screen her award-winning documentary, “God and Allah Need to Talk.” Her recent interfaith memoir, Minefields & Miricles: Why God and Allah Need to Talk (2012), endorsed by more than 30 religious leaders including H.H.the Dalai Lama, won top awards in two literary competitions. She is also the creator of INTERFAITH: The Musical a joyous musical dedicated to cultural and religious diversity.

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