Faculty, Submit Your Work Here

Thank you for helping us collect all of the great work being done by the members of our community.

If you'd like to submit multiple pieces of work, please submit each one individually.

In order to showcase the great scholarship and work being done by the AJRCA community, we are trying to collect all of the published and recorded work created by our illustrious faculty. This can include:

- Books
- Journal Articles
- Blog posts/online articles
- Recorded audio or video (sermons, teachings, songs, etc.)
- Any other original works that you have created

Ideally these works would be available online, either openly available or available for purchase, but even if they are neither of those things, we want to know about them!

Once we collect a number of these works, we will make a place to highlight them (and you) on our new website and do regular features on social media to make our community aware of your work.

If you'd prefer to submit via email, please send the following information on each publication/piece of work to Andrew at aschulman@ajrca.edu:

- The title/name of the work
- A short description (just 2-3 sentences ideally)
- A link to where we can direct people to read/view/buy the work (if one exists) OR attach the file of the work (i.e a sound file if it's a song or a PDF of a sermon, etc.)