online courses

online courses

You’d like a taste of advanced Jewish learning, but you don’t live near Los Angeles. . . . or your schedule of work and family life makes it difficult to commit to a regular commute.

So you’ll be glad to know that AJRCA is expanding its online offerings!

A new course, “21st Century Judaism,” begins June 13 (you can still register through June 16).  In the Fall semester, we will offer a class on business ethics in Jewish law, one on Jewish music history, and an introduction to Liturgy.


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Now you can enrich your own Jewish life, participating in the same classes as our graduate and professional students, with access to the same inspiration and instruction from world-class faculty.  If you want to pursue a more extensive program, you may apply for a Masters degree specialization or one of the Professional Schools.

AJRCA welcomes students of all ages and from the entire spectrum of Jewish background or affiliation.

Fall Semester begins August 21.  To learn more about studying at AJRCA, contact Robin Federman, Director of Admissions, at 213-884-4133 or email

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