Rabbinical School

Want to make a difference in the Jewish world? Become a Rabbi at AJRCA!

For over two thousand years, “Rabbi” has been the honored title of the Jewish spiritual leader. The rabbi of the twenty-first century brings the illumination of Torah to the lives of individuals, families, and communities, and to emerging issues in our rapidly changing world. Our rabbinical students develop proficiency in all aspects of clergy life – sacred texts, Jewish law, education, counseling, chaplaincy, and more. They learn from the wisdom and practices of all Jewish denominations, immersing their hearts, minds, and souls in a warm and nurturing community dedicated to mutual growth.

Graduates of our Rabbinical School are ordained as “Rabbi and Teacher in Israel,” and receive a Master’s Degree in Rabbinic Studies. The program generally requires five years of full-time study; part-time options are available. Successful completion generally requires five years of full-time study, including required courses, supervised fieldwork, a unit of clinical pastoral education, and a master’s thesis.