AJRCA’s Tuition and Fees

Course Fees
Tuition per unit of credit (semester unit) $939
Standard 3-unit course $2,817
CPE + Seminar, 1 yr (1 CPE unit @ $618+ 6 AJRCA credits @ $894 each) $6,254/year
Private Cantorial Coaching per semester  (1 credit) $2,817
Independent Study (see requirements) $3,042
Other Student Fees (assessed each semester/term)
Registration (Fall, Spring) $185
Registration (Winter/Summer Mini-Terms) $105
Materials Fee $95
Va’ad (Student Activities) Fee (Fall, Spring) $75
Special Fees
Application Fee $375
Accompanist for Cantorial Audition $120
Fall Residency  (billed in Fall) $180
Winter Residency (Retreat/billed in Fall) $400
Spring Residency (billed in Spring) $180
Thesis Fee  (final year only/billed in Winter) $900
Ordination Fee (final year only/billed in Winter) $630

Other Fees

An examination fee of $630 is payable if any AJRCA examination is taken more than once or if any examination is prepared especially for a student, as may be the case in a proficiency examination or an application for credit for work done elsewhere. A supplementary instruction fee will be charged for participation in a course offering enhanced teaching contact such as Talmud and havruta, and for cantorial courses that require an accompanist.

Fees may be charged in connection with transfer credit or other special credit when costs are incurred by the Academy. The student is responsible for all tuition payable to any other institution in connection with transfer credit.

*Above fees are current as of the 2023 Fall Semester. Fees are subject to change at any time.


Applicable transaction processing fees will occur. Click here for a list of those fees.