AJRCA’s Tuition and Fees

Course Fees
Tuition per unit of credit (semester unit) $851
Standard 3-unit course $2,553
CPE + Seminar, 1 yr (1 CPE unit @ $594+ 6 AJRCA credits @ $851 each) $5,700/year
Private Cantorial Coaching per semester  (1 credit) $2,553
Independent Study (see requirements) $2,753
Other Student Fees (assessed each term)
Registration (Fall/Spring) $150
Registration (Winter/Summer Mini-Terms) $75
Materials Fee $60
Va’ad (Student Activities) Fee $70
Special Fees
Application Fee $300
Accompanist for Cantorial Audition $100
AJRCA Annual Retreat  (billed in Fall Semester) $350
Proficiency Exam Fee $500
Late Registration Fee (assessed only if enrolling) $300
Thesis Fee  (final year only) $800
Ordination Fee (final year only) $600

*Above fees are current as of the 2021 Fall Semester. Fees are subject to change at any time.