Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Financial Aid

The Academy for Jewish Religion, California, upholds the highest standards of financial ethics and equity in all its dealings, including financial responsibility in its budget and fairness in treatment of students. We expect in return that students will be ethical and financially accountable in all respects, regarding themselves as bound by the regulations of the Academy in financial matters. 


Tuition and other fees for attending the Academy for Jewish Religion, California are determined by the Board of Directors, in consultation with the administration, prior to the beginning of each academic year, and these are printed in this Catalog (also available online). The Board reserves the right to make changes during the academic year in case of necessity, in which case students will be notified by email. The Board of Directors also reserves the right to institute late registration penalties at any time, based on established or newly established policies.

Tuition must be paid in full, or installment payment arrangements made, by each student at the time of registration for classes, which will be several weeks prior to the beginning of the next academic term.

Students can attend classes only if all tuition payments are up to date, including installment payments.  No credit will be given for classes for which tuition has not been paid. 

Financial Aid

The Academy offers qualified students the opportunity to apply for federal guaranteed student loans to assist with the costs of their education.  A small amount of financial aid toward tuition costs is also available, in the form of scholarships.

In order to request and qualify for any kind of financial aid, students must submit an AJRCA application and a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and follow all appropriate procedures.  These are outlined in the Student Financial Aid Manual.

The financial information submitted is confidential and available only to the members of the Financial Aid Committee, which is composed of the Financial Aid Officer and two other administrators.  In addition to considering student need, the Financial Aid Officer must request that the Registrar verify the student’s satisfactory academic progress.

The Financial Aid Officer will inform each student in writing as to the amount of scholarship and federal student loans to be allotted in any given academic year.

No statement or assurance of financial aid, verbal or written, from any member of faculty, staff, or administration, can be regarded as binding on the Financial Aid Officer or the Board of Directors, or as constraining their authority in financial aid decisions.

Any student who has a dispute or grievance over a financial aid award may write to the Financial Aid Officer stating the issues.  If the dispute is not resolved between the FAO and the student, it will be taken up by the Financial Aid Committee, who may choose to meet with the student personally and/or require additional documentation of the student’s financial status. After reviewing the case, the Committee will recommend to the President how the grievance should be resolved. The President’s decision is final.

Students who need additional financial aid are advised to apply to relevant aid programs.  Loans of up to $3500 per year, repayable over a four-year period beginning after graduation, may be available from the Jewish Free Loan Association to qualified Los Angeles County residents. Students must apply and arrange terms directly with the Association.

Tuition Payments

Tuition payments are due upon registration for each term unless an alternative payment plan has been arranged and a Payment Agreement signed by the student.  A “payment due” date will be specified by the Registrar; if payment is not made by that date, the student will lose his/her place in the classes.

Students paying tuition fees by check all at once, by post-dated checks on installment plan, or by automatic bank debit rather than a credit card will receive a 3% discount on tuition only.  However, the discount will be rescinded if a check bounces or an automatic debit fails to clear.

Tuition Refunds

Reducing Number of Classes

Changes in registration are permitted within the first two weeks of classes of a regular semester.  If the change results in a lower number of classes, a full refund of the difference in tuition is permitted.  After two weeks, no refunds are given. In mini-sessions (intensives), tuition is refunded only if cancellation occurs before the start of class.

Withdrawal from the Academy

Students who wish to withdraw from school completely by canceling their entire registration must give notice to the Registrar. If written notification is given, the date of receipt by the office is the official date of withdrawal.  If oral notification is given, the date of the oral notice will be recorded as the official date of withdrawal; however, oral notification must be followed by written notice within seven calendar days. If a student who has given notification of withdrawal continues to attend classes or participate in an Academy activity, s/he is not considered withdrawn. The last documented academic or co-curricular participation will be the official date of withdrawal.

A student is considered unofficially withdrawn if, after registering for courses and paying the required tuition and fees, s/he does not attend any classes during the first two weeks of a regular term or first day of a mini-term, and does not inform the Registrar that s/he will be absent.  The student’s registration will be cancelled; the withdrawal date will be set as two weeks from the first day of classes of that academic term.

Note:  Withdrawal may adversely affect a student’s federal financial aid.  Students who receive Title IV funds are required to earn these funds by attending classes through at least 60% of an academic term. Students who withdraw from all classes prior to completing 60% of an enrollment term will have their aid recalculated based on the percent of the term they completed. The Financial Aid Office encourages you to read this policy carefully. If you are thinking about withdrawing from all classes prior to completing 60% of the term, or you are not sure when 60% of the term will have passed, please contact the Financial Aid Office to determine how your withdrawal will affect your financial aid and your possible repayment.

Calculations of Refund of Tuition for Students Not Receiving Federal Loans

Students who cancel registration entirely prior to the first day of classes are entitled to a full refund of the relevant portion of the tuition for the term. If cancellation occurs within two weeks from the first day of classes, students are entitled to a refund of 80% of tuition.  No refunds will be made after the first two weeks of classes in a regular semester.  In a mini-session (intensive), an 80% refund will be made ONLY if the student cancels on the first day of class.

Calculation of Federal Loan Refunds

For students receiving government funds from the Direct Loan program, students who cancel registration prior to the first day of classes are entitled to a full refund of the term’s tuition. From the first day until 60% of the term is completed, pro-rated refunds will be made, calculated according to the following formula:

Percent of Refund =  number of calendar days from withdrawal to end of semester, divided by total number of calendar days in the semester

The number of days in the session is calculated according to the official academic calendar, excepting weeks when the Academy cancels classes and co-curricular activities for more than five consecutive days due to holidays.

After 60% of the semester is completed, no refunds of federal funds are given. These policies also apply to partial refunds due to dropped classes resulting in fewer credit hours.

Processing of Refunds

Tuition refunds are normally processed and mailed within ten working days (excluding weekends, national holidays, and school breaks for Jewish holidays) of the official date of withdrawal.

Tuition and Fees for 2016-17

These fees apply as of Fall Semester 2016. The Board of Directors reserves the right to change the fee schedule at any time. Students can expect increases in tuition and fees over the years of their attendance.

Tuition per unit of credit (semester unit) $826
Most courses are 3 units, so each regular course will be: $2,478
CPE + Seminar, 1 yr (1 CPE unit + 6 AJRCA credits) $5,456
Private Cantorial Coaching per semester  (1 credit) $2,478
Independent Study (see requirements) $2,678
Other fees assessed each term:
Registration $150(Fall/Spring), $75 (Winter/Summer)
Materials Fee $60
Va’ad Fee $70
Special Fees
Application Fee $300
Accompanist for Cantorial Audition $100
AJRCA Annual Retreat  (billed in Spring Semester) $325
Thesis Fee  (final year only) $800
Ordination Fee  (final year only) $600

Special Fees

An examination fee of $500 is payable if any AJRCA examination is taken more than once or if any examination is prepared especially for a student, as may be the case in a proficiency examination or an application for credit for work done elsewhere.  A supplementary instruction fee will be charged for participation in a course offering enhanced teaching contact such as Talmud and havruta, and for cantorial courses that require an accompanist.

Fees may be charged in connection with transfer credit or other special credit when costs are incurred by the Academy. The student is responsible for all tuition payable to any other institution in connection with transfer credit.