A Conversation with… Rabbi Ron Li-Paz

Rabbi Mel recently sat down with Rabbi Ron Li-Paz (’13). Rabbi Li-Paz is the Spiritual Leader of Valley Outreach Synagogue in Calabasas, CA. In this wide-ranging conversation, he discusses his path to AJRCA, his experience as a student at the Academy, his work since his ordination, the health of the community and his recent meeting with Pope Francis.

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Rabbi Mel Gottlieb Discusses Antisemitism

Rabbi Mel Gottlieb recently joined the Shalom Salaam Peace Of Mind podcast to discuss a number of issues relating to antisemitism.

The Shalom Salaam podcast features Muslims & Jews in Los Angeles are having conversations on well-being and mental health via supporting each other, building interfaith bridges, and by creating positive change on the ground.

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Our 2019 Chaplaincy Graduate

Dina Batsheva Kuperstock

“To be a chaplain is to offer myself in service and companionship, opening spaces where people, regardless of origins or identities, can recognize the value, beauty, and resilience of their spirits. It is a privilege to invite others to share deeper meaning.”

Thesis: “First Soul, Second Voice: A Ritual Approach to Advance Care Planning” (Click here to watch Dina present her thesis)


Our 2019 Master of Jewish Studies Graduate

Revital Somekh-Goldreich

“As an artist-cum-scholar, with a specialization in Interfaith Relations, I teach the Bible and commentary thereon with a creative approach, leading both Jews and non-Jews to mine them for wisdom — in the areas of identity and spirituality, relationships, society, and politics — toward building a more harmonious world.”

Thesis: “Artists and Art-Viewers as Biblical Commentators: Art-Midrash for Homes and Public Spaces as a Link in the Chain of Transmission” (Click here to watch Revital present her thesis)