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We enjoy it all.

AJRCA encourages the development of new Jewish music, both sacred and secular. Our talented students and alumni have put the Academy at the forefront of the Jewish musical scene. We invite you to explore the playlist below, featuring original compositions from our community.

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“Standing on the Shoulders”
Rabbi/Cantor Kyle Cotler ’15/’16

Singing this song at my Cantorial recital was a significant milestone on my journey. The title alone is inspiring to me as a fourth generation Cantor, but the title and lyrics are easily relate-able to any Jew and their personal or spiritual journey. The most poignant line in the song is sung in the last verse, “These are the things I pass along: the fruit, the book and the song.” I am still waiting to discover what the fruit is. But I know the book is the Torah and the education it has provided me. And the song is self-referential. My Dad wrote this song to me long before either of us knew I would follow in my ancestors’ footsteps. I hope as others sing or listen to this piece, they too will feel a deep connection to their faith and heritage.