Why We Give to AJRCA

Why We Give to AJRCA

From our inception, many donors have contributed to AJRCA’s growth and stability.  They tell us how they have appreciated our pluralistic and inclusive approach, our spiritual emphasis, our depth of inquiry, our innovative projects, and our ability to strengthen Jewish commitment in a demanding and complex environment. Our benefactors have helped us beyond measure, and we thank them all.

Below we recognize our major donors, for whom shaping a new kind of Jewish leadership for the 21st century is a primary concern.   We invite you also to read the stories of some of those who have served and supported the Academy.

Legacy Circle
Doerken Family Foundation
Rabbi Yocheved Mintz, ’04
Rabbi Barbara Zacky, ’09

Angels ($100,000 and above)
The Lynn & Les Bider Family Foundation
Peter W. Doerken & Candis Duke
Jewish Community Foundation
Rabbi Yocheved Mintz, ’04 in memory of Dr. Alan P. Mintz, z”l
Righteous Persons Foundation
The Soref Foundation
Rabbi Barbara Zacky, ’09
Jacob Zighelboim, MD & Vivien Zighelboim, PhD

Patrons ($50,000 and above)
Jack Bender & Rabbi Laura Owens, ‘08
Leon Biederman, PhD & Aviva Biederman, MD
Arthur Bilger, J.D. & Dahlia Bilger
Benjamin Bonavida, PhD & Ofra Bonavida
Neal Castleman & Ellen Hoffman Castleman
Rabbi Mel Gottlieb, Ph.D. & Annette Gottlieb, M.D.
Michael & Cantor Judith Greenfeld, ’04
Cantor Nathan & Donna Lam
Rabbi Stan Levy, J.D. & Lynda Levy
Lance Robbins, J.D. & Rachel Bank
Frederic C. Schultz, J.D.
Ansel Slome, J.D. & Rabbi Lynn Brody Slome, ’05
Stanton L. (Larry) Stein, J.D. & Jackie Stein
Howard Toff, M.D. & Cheryl Toff
Henry, z”l & Anita Weiss
Barry & Mirielle Wolfe
Franklin R. Wurtzel, J.D. & Karen Wurtzel

Benefactors ($25,000 and above)
Earl & Elly Appel
Mark & Deborah Attanasio
Michael M. Berger, J.D. & Rabbi Janet Madden, ’11
Gregory & Gaby Chazanas
Lloyd & Margit Cotsen
Alvin, z”l & Barbara Dischler
Rabbi Mordecai Finley, Ph.D. & Meirav Finley
Richard & Shari Foos
Selwyn & Glynis Gerber
Rabbi Arthur Levine, Ph.D., J.D. & Barbara Levine for “Judith Ann Glick, z”l, Memorial Scholarship Fund”
Ralph Mannheimer & Batya Malick
Alvin Martin Ph.D. & Chaplain Muriel J. Dance, Ph.D.,’11
Jerry & Anne Moss
Ken & Wendy Ruby
Sarah’s Tent for the establishment of the Savina Teubal, z”l Chair in Jewish Women’s Studies
Izydor & Shoshi Wilchfort

Partners ($10,000 and above)
Jeffrey I. Abrams, J.D. & Michele Breslauer, J.D.
Angell Foundation
Kerry Kourosh Assil, M.D.
Gabriel Danovitch, M.D. & Nava Danovitch
Dr. Scholl Foundation
Hershel Frankiel, Ph.D. & Tamar Frankiel, Ph.D.
Cantor Jonathan Friedmann, Ph.D., ‘10 & Elvia Friedmann
Karen Gibson
Arnold Gilberg, M.D.
GUESS? Foundation
Charles Hamrell, M.D. & Rabbi Miriam Hamrell, ’03
Luis Lainer, J.D. & Lee Lainer
Michael & Cantor Lorna Lembeck, ’09
The Ernest Lieblich Foundation
Joseph z”l & Esther Lumer
Sid & Carole Meltzner
Milken Family Foundation
Sidney & Ruth Pilot
Roger Richman, J.D., z”l, & Diane Richman
Rabbi Stephen & Cantor Eva Robbins, ’04
Alan & Dee Robin
Bernie & Hanna Rubinstein
The Hon. Robert Schnider & Cantor Perryne Anker
Bruce Skolnick, M.D.
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Peggi Sturm
Naomi Vanek
Leonard M. Wechsler

Friends ($5,000 and above)
Baran Family Endowment Fund
Lon & Heidi Bender
Jeff Berg & Dennie Luria
Rosette Delug
Rabbi Wayne Dosick, Ph.D.
Robert Figlin, M.D. & Karen Reckamp, M.D.
Ronald Grusd, M.D. & Helen Grusd, Ph.D.
Steven & Susan Gryczman
Mary Wolf Leibman
Ronald Loeb, J.D. z”l & Shirley Loeb
Julie G. Madorsky, M.D.
Robert Margolis
Mattel Children’s Foundation
Russ Pierce
David & Arva Rose
Adrian Shandling, M.D. & Debi Shandling
Jerry Sherman, M.D.
Albert & Janie Sweet